Skyrim – How To Get Unlimited Gold/Money Glitch!

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25 Responses to Skyrim – How To Get Unlimited Gold/Money Glitch!

  1. TheCarnage92 says:

    You can also type this in console: “player.additem F 5000000” and ull get 5million gold lol..

  2. ermac859 says:


  3. ProFitzyTV says:

    I ran into a dragon, 3 cave bears and a dozen ice wraiths xD

  4. JoshBulley says:

    you run into some shitty wolves and i run into 6 snow bears and 2 dragons yay

  5. TheCathal4500 says:

    how much do they sell for

  6. 1Channel2Gamers says:

    @flatogeo fast travel FTW!!!

  7. MPC4Utube says:

    PART 2 OF A REPLY @dominub

    Here is a few actual glitches:
    Go watch my werewolf Glitch video

    Here is another

    And yet another

    Those are things that are not supposed to be able to be done especially the werewolf glitch I figured out how to do.

    Taking arrows out of a target guards shoot into it is an exploit because the guards ARE SUPPOSED TO have unlimited arrows.

    Do you understand the difference now?

  8. MPC4Utube says:




    An Exploit is taking advantage of a weakness in the games programing that was possibly overlooked

    A GLITCH is a clash in the games programming that allows you to do things that when manipulated allows you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise normally be able to do.

    Part 2 of my reply has links in them to videos clearly showing the difference between a glitch and an exploit.

  9. Dominub says:

    @MPC4Utube Why don’t you explain to us the difference between and EXPLOIT and a GLITCH then?

  10. djtdog1 says:

    they just fixed this glitch to nov 30 in usa and noth america. the skeliton guy will no lnger be there. if already did it.

  11. BOBMOproductions says:

    i think its like… player.additem 000000f 99999999

  12. MPC4Utube says:

    This isn’t a glitch, it’s an exploit

  13. pausa831 says:

    everytime i run into a dragon i cant help but hear a scottish or irish accented person yelling “COME ON DRAAGOONN”

  14. XavierStarify says:

    @GavinStory Yeah it’s the update 1.02 i think…. but I didn’t update it on purpose.

  15. oitzukee says:

    @xxxxxxx234 Kynesgrove, south of Windehelm

  16. GavinStory says:

    Lol, they patched this glitch but not the other glitch that can get all of your skills up to 100 in a matter of minutes!!! Lolololololl thumps up

  17. killmehalo says:

    or u could do legit way for like 20000 all u have to do is do all missions for dark brother hood

  18. Dru1d3k4 says:

    I used to do that too but then I took an arrow in the knee.

  19. pogoman379 says:

    why the fuck would you make this video when you can just fast forward to the end part and open your map

  20. xxxxxxx234 says:

    where would you sell them to get full price value?

  21. ConnorFableWilliams says:

    This is such an amazing bug, I made 20k gold in 30 mins

  22. axsmith234 says:

    @nowwhatson lol im black and i approve this message

  23. WTFbradley says:

    lol i just took part of the skeleton back with me to winterhold, makes the over-encumbered journey a lot easier 😀

  24. MPC4Utube says:

    I wish people would learn the difference between a glitch and an exploit.
    This video is showing an EXPLOIT not a glitch.

  25. 6666beastboy says:

    and if it took him that many hits to kill a wolf hes eithor very low lvl or his weapons sucks my horses ballz

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